ZN Creative Arts is a Chicago-based studio known for the bold, modern reversible jewelry pieces designed and created by Grace Wang-Bishop. Begun in 2003, ZN Creative Arts (named after Grace’s Chinese name, Tzu-en) creates wearable works of art by utilizing enamel on copper, sterling silver, and semi-precious stones; geometric and three-dimensional shapes that recall the angular bones of contemporary architecture. In addition, her creations add a level of modularity that allows women to not only partake of the initial design process, but also act as designer each time the piece is worn. Some items, in fact, offer up to four different looks in one piece.

Grace’s industrial design background has helped her find innovative ways to structure materials into 3-dimensional objects. However, her Asian heritage naturally factors heavily into her designs as well. She spent her formative years in Taiwan, where beauty abounds in the form of calligraphy, poetry and the ancient folk art of Chinese Knotting. These iconic techniques and motifs of the culture are obvious in her work; they emerge reconceived in thoroughly modern ways.

Contemporary and classic, simple but complex, ZN Creative Arts jewelry pieces are creations that can be whatever you want them to be at any given moment.